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About Us

Our main goal was to create an online website that would make it quick and easy for educators to communicate with students and parents. We wanted to create a community for educators; a place where educators could post homework assignments, news, events, reminders, or any school activity information. Our aim is to enhance communication between school and home. Good communication between school and home is important to ensure that a student has a rewarding educational experience. This is true whether the student is in preschool, elementary, middle school, or high school. Maintaining a communication between teachers or administrators and parent is not always easy.

Benefits of using SchoolSync:
  • Involve parent(s) in the learning process.
  • Teacher participation.
  • Improved parent-school communication.
  • Online communication with parents and students.
  • Affordable cost, because it's free!
With SchoolSync everyone participates. Both teachers and administrators can post messages. You can create multiple administrator accounts, so everyone can get involved. Unlike other online services, you do not need to pay extra to receive online postings by email. We provided this service for free and registering with SchoolSync is quick and easy.